Self Contained Vaults


Self contained vaults is the new way Dendron is handling vaults. Self contained vaults make sharing, publishing, and synchronizing your vaults easier.


Self contained vaults include all the files Dendron needs to open the vault and use it. This means:

  • You can publish any vault you have by itself
  • You can share the vault with someone, and Dendron will work immediately when they open it in VSCode without having to set up workspaces
  • When you convert your vault to a remote vault, it will include all your settings and everything you need for Dendron


Self contained vaults are a new feature that's in active development, so you should make sure to update to the latest Dendron version if you want to try them.

Self contained vaults are currently being rolled out to some of our new users for testing. For users who are randomly chosen for this test, any workspaces and vaults they create will be self contained vaults.

If you would like to join the test, or if you are in the test but would like to leave it, then you can change the enableSelfContainedVaults configuration in VSCode. You can find this setting by going to the settings page and searching for self contained vaults.

VSCode settings page, with "self contained vaults" typed in the search bar, and a setting titled "Enable Self Contained Vault Workspace" below.

For existing users, self contained vaults are not enabled by default. You can enable the setting above to create a new self contained workspace, or set the config enableSelfContainedVaults in your existing workspace to make any new vaults you create self contained. Dendron doesn't have an automated way to migrate your existing vaults yet, but you can follow the migration guide to migrate your vaults manually.

What's different about self contained vaults?

There are a few key differences between self contained vaults and regular vaults.

  • Self contained vaults always include the dendron.yml and dendron.code-workspace files.
  • Self contained vaults keep their notes under the notes folder.
  • When you add a new vault when using self contained vaults, the new vault will go under the dependencies folder.

  1. Migrating to Self Contained Vaults