Dendron 0.96 has sprouted 🌱


Local Graph View in Sidebar

The graph view is now avaiable in the Dendron Sidebar Connect the dots - any way you want!

Self Contained Vaults now Default

Self Contained Vaults are now set as the default which means any new vault you create or add will be self contained. This means you no longer need a separate workspace to use a vault, your collaborators can simply pull down the vault and lookup immediately!

Everything Else

  • fix(workspace): block anchor after table crashes preview
  • fix(workspace): doctor removeStubs resulting in 'no data' prompt


General Updates

Greenhouse this Friday!

We have a Greenhouse Talk this week where Dendron members will share their workflows. We are still looking for last-minute speakers so if you have a workflow you would like to share, please ping @kevin (Private) on Discord!

Dendron Reading Series

This week's entry in the Dendron Reading Series.

The author makes the case that links can be used to implement all the nice things we have in PKM today, from the simple folder to the elusive triplets of the semantic web.

The argument for using links instead of dedicated functionality is to keep the system simple.

Simple systems that come together to create complex behaviour are generally more resilient than complex systems that create complex behaviour.

This plays out a lot in technology. RISC vs BASIC, C++ vs Go, etc.

Sometimes though, complexity is needed (eg. type-checking is now being universally adopted, even in programming languages that did not have it).

There's always a balance to be struck but when in doubt, I like simple systems that can create complex functionality through composition.

One metaphor that we push on in Dendron is that "everything is a note". Tags are notes, mentions are notes, the database is a collection of notes. Dendron layers functionality on top of notes (backlinks, refactoring, lookup, etc) which means adding a new feature to notes automatically augments all functionality that uses notes (aka everything).

How far can we push this? We are just scratching the surface of note-fying all the things. What else can be a note?

Event Reminders

Thank You's

A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: Visit Discord Roles for more information.



  • feat(workspace): local graph view in the Dendron Side Panel (#2901) @joshi (Private)


  • enhance(workspace): make self contained vaults default for all new workspaces (#2935) @kaan (Private)


  • fix(workspace): block anchor after table crashes preview (#2936) @kaan (Private)
  • fix(workspace): doctor removeStubs resulting in 'no data' prompt (#2944) @joshi (Private)