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Release Notes (version 0.54)

Dendron 0.54 has sprouted 🌱


  • new lookup commands: lookup has split into "Lookup Note" and "Lookup Schema". these commands are significantly faster 🚀 than the current lookup on large workspaces (docs)
  • frontmatter tags: create tags: [awesome, sprouts] directly in the frontmatter (docs)
  • custom tag colors: create the perfect color palette for each of your tags (docs)
  • rename headers: like Rename Note but for headers (docs)
  • integrated seeds: seed commands are now available from within the plugin (docs)
  • github publish pod: update the status of github issues from inside of Dendron (docs)
  • quality of life improvements
    • auto-resolve conflicting keybinding from vim
  • lots of fixes
    • issue with non-highlighting wikilinks
    • broken links in the extension README
    • adding a vault via the CLI will also add the vault in the code workspace


We're hiring at Dendron!

Work is going on for last weeks CROP (Create Index Note). Because this is a more involved feature, we've created an RFC to discuss the implementation details. Please leave any feedback in this github discussion


Thank You's

A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: You can see an overview of all roles here






Github Publish Pod

  • The Github Publish Pod lets you update the status and labels of issues in your github repository that have previously been imported into Dendron. It also supports creating a new issue in github from a note authored in dendron.

Custom Colors for Tags

Rename Header Command


  • automatically resolve conflicting keybinding caused by vim extension

Bug Fixes

  • lookup was not setting splitType when executed with a custom keybinding


  • we removed journal.firstDayOfWeek as a property from the web ui calendar. see details here

House Cleaning



Bug Fixes

  • fix missing dependency in dendron-cli



Frontmatter Tags

End anchor pretty-tags not found

Seed Commands

Seed Commands now available within the extension. You can add seeds to your workspace with the Dendron: Seed Add command, which was previously only available in the CLI.

Seed Add

Add a seed (Private) to your current workspace.

Seed Remove

Remove a seed (Private) from your current workspace.

Better Lookup

We are splitting up the Lookup command into two separate commands: Lookup Note and Lookup Schema. There's been a lot of confusion that has come from overloading the Lookup command which is now deprecated and will removed in a future release.

Besides for the split, Lookup Note should be significantly faster for large workspaces. Previously you might have noticed a lag when creating a new note in these cases. It also comes with a the new vaultSelection modifier that lets you prompt for a vault when creating a new note.


  • Google Docs Pod will now prompt users to confirm overwriting of a document before running with the confirmOverwrite configuration.
  • When choosing between vaults (for example, picking which vault to put a note in), the vaults will now show by the vault name instead of the vault path.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where wikilinks were not getting highlighted
  • Fixed an issue with the doctor command's regenerate note ID feature
  • Fixed broken links in the extension readme
  • Add Vault command in the CLI will now properly modify your workspace file