File Link

File link feature is at #stage.sprout


A file link is a Wiki Link that links to files in your workspace that are not Dendron notes, or not in a Dendron vault.


Getting started

The easiest way to link to a file is using the Copy Note Link command, which will automatically create a link for you.

Similar to notes, Copy Note Link command will create a Block Anchors for you if you have a region of text selected.

To manually create file links, you need to write the relative path to the file in a Wiki Link

The path should be relative to where your dendron.yml file is located.

For example, if the root of your workspace contains dendron.yml and a folder called src in your project, you can write [[src/index.js]].

Alternatively, if you are linking to a file inside the assets folder of a vault, you can type [[assets/]] to link to it.