Native Workspaces

Native workspaces allow you to use Dendron inside an existing workspace. For example if you use Visual Studio Code to develop a program, you can use Dendron to write documentation inside the same workspace.


To initialize a Native Dendron workspace, use the Initialize Workspace command while the workspace you want to use is open. Select the option to create a native workspace and follow the prompts.

Automatic Initialization

Dendron looks at files that are added to non-Dendron workspaces to automatically start everything if a native Dendron workspace is created. This typically should not affect your experience with VSCode, but you can disable it if you experience any issues using the dendron.watchForNativeWorkspace option in the extension settings.

If you disable this setting, you'll need to reload your window with Developer: Reload Windows or otherwise restart VSCode to load the Dendron workspace when you create a Dendron Native workspace.