Setting up a Native Workspace

As a reminder, these instructions are temporary until we add support for initializing native workspaces. We're sorry if they look confusing, we'll be improving native workspaces soon to make this simpler.

These instructions assume that you have an existing project, and you are trying to set up a Native workspace to take notes with Dendron.

  • Create a folder in your project for the notes. For example, a folder named notes.
  • Use the command "Dendron: Initialize Workspace", and type the path to the notes folder.
  • Initialize a blank workspace at this folder.
  • Use the "Open Recent" command to go back to your project.
  • Move the dendron.yml file from the notes folder to the root of the project.
  • Open dendron.yml, and edit the vaults section so it looks like the following:
            fsPath: notes/vault
    Save the file.
  • Use the command "Reload Window". Dendron should now start up, and you should be able to use all Dendron features.