• The Dendron team worked on a Hackathon during the first 2 weeks of July. It kickstarted with our engineering team brainstorming project ideas. Once the ideas were collected, each team member selected one project from the idea pool that they were going to build.

Projects Selected for Hackathon v1:

  1. Smart Note References ; Status: Shipped during v103 @kevin (Private)

    • Preview:
  2. A UI experience to make working with Dendron settings easier. This will remove the guess work when working with Dendron settings, such as remembering which options to set to adjust lookup behavior ; Status: Shipping soon @joshi (Private)

    • Preview:
  3. A service that lets you push small notes to your repository while you're on the go - this project sets up a Discord bot that you can send note snippets to. The bot will then save your note snippets to your Dendron repo so that you can access your notes later after a sync ; Status: WIP @hikchoi (Private)

    • Preview:
  4. A proof-of-concept on a Typora style WYSIWYG editor ; Status: WIP @jonathan (Private)

    • Preview:
  5. An internal testing tool that can help us better diagnose some problems with our engine state. This tool will be useful for us to fix some bugs in the Dendron engine that will help make parts of Dendron more reliable, such as with the tree view ; Status: Shipping soon @tuling (Private)

    • Preview:

Community Participation

  • We held this Hackathon as an opportunity for the team to work on a few different ideas after the v100 release. We plan on holding more hackathon events in the future and will be opening them up to the community for participation.

Participation Benefits:

- Pair with Dendron Team
- Coaching and Support
- Badges for Participation
- Awards for Hackathon Winners in Specific Categories
  • If you are interested in participating in a future edition of the Hackathon , please fill out the form below: