19 - Fractal Pomodoros

Credit to Jack of some quantity of trades#3247 and foureyedsoul#0796 from the Dendron community for sharing in a conversation that included this link, as I added it to my reading list for this week's reading series!

After a previous reading series had been posted, How to be spontaneous and grab some unexpected fun, community members popped in with strategies. One was dicing: in order to roll some spontaneity into your day, a 6-sided die can be the path toward non-project activities that you assign to each number.

Fractal Pomodoros talks about how pomodoros help limit the scope of your activities, essentially answering a question that can be too broad otherwise: should I be doing something else? Nope, you should just be doing what the pomodoro window is meant for. Not only that, but timed windows can be associated with and planned out over longer windows: 25 minutes, 2 hours, a weekend, etc.

Pomodoros aren't just for studying and completing tasks in academia or at work, but can be used for more.

Does dicing sound great, but you have a problem with wanting to do all the things? If your hobby projects extend to the horizon, and prioritization is a whirlwind, maybe something more like a 20-sided die is needed in your life: for tabletop RPGs or the RPG of your own life. Treating your life as a game is something I'm hearing of more and more today, including a reframing of Twitter as an RPG.