13 - Tsundoku: The Art of Buying Books and Never Reading Them

Nearing the end of the year, you may have a habit of expanding your collections: piling up unread books, unplayed games, unused devices.

My bookshelf is far larger in the unread department than it is in the what I have read.

This reminds me of an antilibrary, and the ideas around how unread books represent the grand potential of knowledge. That they carry more value. I may have used this an excuse to continue growing a library I haven't kept up with.

Though, it is especially true if that knowledge hasn't resulted in some kind of output for improved recall. Notes help provide a roadmap to new connections and ideas. What was in that book I read five years ago? What were the lessons learned? How is it related to something else I've read? I can stare at a book and get a foggy recollection. I can look at my notes and get clear ideas.

Dendron's mission is to help humans organize, find, and work with any amount of knowledge.

Using Dendron, the books I have read are now becoming more competitive in value to the unread. And the value of the books I am to read next? Even greater potential than before.