Google Doc Export Pod


The Google Docs Export Pod exports notes authored in Dendron to google docs. It overwrites an existing google doc if the note has documentId in frontmatter, else creates a new document. The title of the new google document will be same as the filename. You can view the example video here


  • Your Google Account must be onboarded to our service.

_Note: This feature is currently in Beta and requires your Google Account to be onboarded to our service. If you're interested in testing out this feature, please sign up for the beta here

Side Effects

  • this pod will add documentId and revisionId in the frontmatter of your note.


Since this is still an experimental feature, there are some features that are still missing:

  • exporting images.
  • exporting links with anchor.


In addition to the Common Properties, the Google Docs has the following properties:


This is actually a common property, but for the Google Docs Export pod this must be set to GoogleDocsExportV2.

connectionId (required)

The ID of an google docs connection. See Google Docs Connection

Example Complete Configuration

# description: configuration ID
# type: string
# required: true
podId: gdoc

# description: optional description for the pod
# type: string
description: Export Note to Google Docs

# description: export scope of the pod
# type: string
# NOTE: When a setting is missing from this config, you will get a UI prompt to select a value for that setting while running the export pod. For this particular exportScope setting, if you would rather not be prompted and always have the same exportScope, simply uncomment the line below.
# exportScope: Note

# description: type of pod
# type: string
# required: true
podType: GoogleDocsExportV2

# description: ID of the Google Docs Connected Service
# type: string
# required: true
connectionId: dendron-gdoc