Dendron: Rename Note

Dendron will not allow you to rename a note to a note that already exists

If you are looking to move a note to a different vault while keeping the same name in a Multi Vault Setup workspace, use Move Note instead.


Rename a note and update all backlinks to that note.




Dendron: Rename Note is a command that lets you rename a note. When renaming, it will also update all references in other notes of that note.

Title generation

If the title of the note is the default title that Dendron generated when the note was created, this command will also create a new title as if a new note was created with the renamed filename.

Otherwise (if the note's title is anything other than the Dendron-generated title), renaming a note will not change the title of that note.

Renaming from the file explorer

You can also select Dendron: Rename Note after right clicking on a note in the explorer to rename that note. This will also update the backlinks as well.

See the following video to learn more about how to rename a Dendron note in the file explorer.

Please note that using the rename command in the menu that VSCode provides will not update the backlinks and only rename the selected file.

Renaming a note that is linked using Rename Symbol

Dendron makes use of the VS Code Rename Symbol command (F2) to perform the equivelant of Rename Note on a wikilink.

  • Place the cursor inside a wikilink
  • Press F2 (or the command Rename Symbol)

Rename Symbol will rename the note that the wikilink is referencing, and updates all the backlinks as if you opened the linked note and used Dendron: Rename Note.

Dendron currently supports the following symbols: