Dendron 0.55 has sprouted 馃尡


  • workspace: addition Insert Note Index command to quickly create index notes (docs)
  • workspace: autocomplete and validation for dendron.yml (docs)
  • views: calendar view is now generally available (docs (Private))
  • markdown: set custom colors
  • markdown: colored tags now show up decorated in tree view
  • pods: Markdown export will now export notes with leading slash
  • pods: Markdown publish pod will can resolve siteUrl
  • lots of bug fixes

Next.js Publishing (preview)

Excited to announce that Dendron's new publishing experience using Next.js and React is now available in developer preview. You can get a feel for the new web client at https://wiki-next.dendron.so.

Some features of note:

  • even though this is now a React app, all pages are still statically generated which means you still get full SEO benefits
  • after the first load, all links are pre-fetched and loaded client side which which results in instant page transitions :rocket:
  • the lookup for the web client uses the same lookup that exists in the desktop application
  • the web client is a vanilla Next.js app with some Dendron defaults - this means you will be able to customize it like you would a regular Next.js/React app
  • the frontend for the web client re-uses the same code that we use internally for the web ui which means published pages will look near identical online and inside your workspace

You can find setup instructions here Details and rationale behind this change is here

We've created a GitHub discussion thread for comments about the new web client here

If you'd like to help us work on this, you can find an (incomplete) list of mvp milestone items here. Ping me on Discord @kevins8#0590 if you do and I'll make sure to create a corresponding GitHub issue as well as provide more context.


CROP Issues

Office Hours

You can find notes from our latest office hours here

Thank You's

A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: You can see an overview of all roles here


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