2021-07-25 Office Hours

Company updates

  • big

    • Non-blocking Workspace Initialization
      • everything should be faster
      • you can use VS Code while Dendron is initializing
    • deprecate old preview
      • If you enable the old Markdown, you'll have to install Dendron Markdown specifically.
      • won't remove the old preview till end of August.
      • A few smaller features aren't completely there yet:
        • Contrast/references
        • Block quote italics.
        • Scroll sync
    • Greenhouse talk
  • next

    • Iterating on the preview v2
    • More integration of seed bank into plugin
    • Work on new Next.js publishing
    • Same code as internal preview so you'll know how your website looks
    • Regular Next.js app - Dendron publishing is just building out a Next.js blog
      • Full power of Next.js, React, webapp, take it wherever you want to
    • Features like i8n, theming, seo built in
    • We don't have to reinvent anything here: Lookup
  • Looking for a chief of growth: Head of Growth - Dendron