This is a cheatsheet for Dendron.

Useful Links



Dendron: Contribute

  • description: Become an environmentalist and keep Dendron sustainable
  • shortcuts: none


Dendron: Create Daily Journal Note

  • description: Create a global journal note
  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+i
    • mac: cmd+shift+i
    • when: editorFocus

  • description: Copy wiki link to note
  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+c
    • mac: cmd+shift+c
    • when: editorFocus

Dendron: Copy Note Ref

  • description: Copies a reference to the current open document
  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+r
    • mac: cmd+shift+r
    • when: editorFocus

Dendron: Delete Node

  • description: Delete a note or schema
  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+d
    • mac: cmd+shift+d

Dendron: Rename Note

  • description: Rename a note and all backlinks
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Show Preview

  • description: Show Markdown Preview
  • shortcuts:
    • windows: windows+ctrl+p
    • mac: cmd+ctrl+p

Dendron: Lookup

  • description: Initiate note lookup
  • shortcuts:
    • mac: cmd+L
    • key: ctrl+l

Dendron: Lookup (Journal Note)

  • description: Initiate note lookup with journal note pre-selected
  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+j
    • mac: cmd+shift+j
    • args: {'noteType': 'journal'}

Dendron: Lookup (Scratch Note)

  • description: Initiate note lookup with scratch note pre-selected
  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+s
    • mac: cmd+shift+s
    • args: {'noteType': 'scratch', 'selectionType': 'selection2link'}

Dendron: Lookup Schema

  • description: Initiate schema lookup
  • shortcuts:
    • mac: cmd+shift+L
    • key: ctrl+shift+l

  • description: Open link to external file (eg. PDF, .mov, etc.) use system default
  • shortcuts: none


Dendron: Reload Index

  • description: Reload the index. Necessary for Dendron to pick up on schema changes.
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Archive Hierarchy

  • description: Move current note and all children under the archive hierarchy
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Refactor Hierarchy

  • description: Update hierarchy using regex
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Go Up

  • description: Go to closet non-stub parent of the currently open note
  • shortcuts:
    • mac: cmd+shift+up
    • key: ctrl+shift+up
    • when: editorFocus

Dendron: Go Next Sibling

  • description: Go to the next sibling
  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+]
    • when: editorFocus

Dendron: Go Previous Sibling

  • description: Go to the previous sibling
  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+[
    • when: editorFocus

Dendron: Go Down

  • description: Go down the hierarchy
  • shortcuts:
    • mac: cmd+shift+down
    • key: ctrl+shift+down
    • when: editorFocus


Dendron: Vault Add

  • description: Add a new vault
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Vault Remove

  • description: Remove a vault
  • shortcuts: none

Remove a vault from your workspace. Note that the underlying files wil not be deleted - the vault will lose its association with your workspace.

Dendron: Initialize Workspace

  • description: Create a new workspace
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Change Workspace

  • description: Change into existing workspace
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Snapshot Vault

  • description: Create a snapshot of your vault
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Restore Vault

  • description: Restore your vault from a snapshot
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Show Help

  • description: Dendron will open your current browser to the cheatsheet page.
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Configure (yaml)

  • description: Modify Dendron Config as raw YAML
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Configure

  • description: Modify Dendron Config using Dendron UI
  • shortcuts: none


Dendron: Build Pod

  • description: Build your notes for export. Currently, only export to GitHub Pages is supported.
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Configure Pod

  • description: Update your pod configuration
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Import Pod

  • description: Import notes from an external data source. Currently, only the local file system is supported
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Export Pod

  • description: Export notes to an external data source. Currently only JSON is supported.
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Publish Pod

  • description: Publish your note to a different format/location
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Copy Note URL

  • description: Get URL of current note from published site
  • shortcuts:
    • mac: cmd+shift+u
    • windows: ctrl+shift+u


Dendron: Publish

  • description: Build, commit and publish your notes with a single command
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Site Build

  • description: Build your notes using publishing v2
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Site Preview

  • description: Preview your notes on localhost using publishing v2
  • shortcuts: none


Dendron: Doctor

  • description: Auto fix issues with frontmatter
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron: Dump State

  • description: Dump internal state of Dendron inside logs
  • shortcuts: none

Dendron:Dev: Open Logs

  • description: Open Dendron logs for current session
  • shortcuts: none