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Release Notes (version 0.26)

Dendron 0.26 has sprouted 🌱


  • use note titles for link names (docs)
  • mermaid diagram support when publishing (docs)
  • better dup note handling when publishing from multi-vault (docs)


A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer:

Version Number

This release comes with the following versions:

  • dendron plugin: 0.26

  • dendron markdown preview: 0.10.22

  • dendron cli: 0.26

  • dendron 11ty: 1.26

  • dendron plugin and dendron markdown preview will be auto-installed by VSCode

  • See the upgrade instructions here for dendron-11ty and dendron cli



  • mermaid diagram support when publishing (docs)
  • display note title as link (docs)


  • use list of vaults when resolving duplicate notes (docs)
  • go to definition now works for ![[refs]]
  • Copy Note Link now updates alias to header value when copying header

Bug Fix

  • grammar issue with unpublished page notification

House Cleaning

  • remove sync_vault as a step when building dendron for the first time


Bug Fix

  • issue with new vaults not having welcome note


Bug Fix

  • issue with md outline not showing