2021-05-23 Office Hours

Company Updates

  • First component of panel built (Tree View)
    • Behind a feature flag <link to docs>
  • Customer surveys
    • Trying to figure out how people are using Dendron.
    • What people find useful/not so useful.


  • Office hours timing? Is this working?


  • Discord Stages and Clubhouse
  • Marc Andreesen Books
  • Graph viz pod
    • Feedback appreciated
  • Schema proposal
    • One of the main things that makes Dendron unique
    • Adding an optional type system to knowledge.
  • “Dendron is about Hierarchies and Schemas”
    • Tells you where you’re not being internally consistent.
  • Collaborative vaults
    • Systematically create issues related to a specific topic across multiple people.
    • Still an open question whether a vault created together is as useful as an individual vault.
      • Use a global schema that can help structure what individuals do.
  • Have plans to make it easy to federate content across a broad range of sources to fit into a particular vault.
    • A lot of the value here is curation
    • People good at content may not necessarily be organizing it.
  • Translation/Internationalization
    • We need to be able to publish a vault and possible translations (allow people to contribute to it).
  • Public roadmap
    • Database vs. Git
      • Still need a review solution
  • JSON schema
    • It’s a way of validating JSON docs.
    • How does it merge with schema?
      • JSON schema will be the blueprint for schema file
      • What’s allowed, descriptions of keys.
      • “The type definition for the type definition” :)
    • custom VS Code editor