Bug Fixes

  • be able to name remote vaults (6da3973)
  • doctor command shouldn't create stubs (e812f34)
  • help command not working (02fc08a)
  • nested git repos not showing up in source control view (37adc5e)
  • clicking a stub on tree view would show a false error (ea0e17e)



Dendron Seed Bank


The Seed Bank is an open database of workspaces (seeds) that anyone can access and contribute to.

You can see all currently available seeds here



Adding a seed to an existing workspace

In this example, dendron.dendron-site is the name of the seed. Replace this string with your desired seed.

  1. Open the command palette and run Add Seed to Workspace. In the dropdown, select dendron.dendron-site
  2. Wait for the seed to be imported. After the import, run Reload Index for Dendron to index the seed.


Adding a seed to an existing workspace

In this example, dendron.dendron-site is the name of the seed. Replace this string with your desired seed.

  1. Navigate to your current workspace
cd {workspace}
  1. Add the seed
dendron seed add dendron.dendron-site
  1. Open the workspace. You should find your workspace initialized with the contents from wiki.dendron.so.

  2. (Clean up)

dendron seed remove dendron.dendron-site


Requesting new Seeds

We are planning on adding many more content to this registry over time. To help us prioritize, we've created the Seed Request Template on GitHub so you can request new subjects you want to see in the seed bank.

Contributing a Seed


Support refactor for multi-vault

One of our most requested features for multi-vault is now out. Refactor will now work across multiple vaults. All rename operations take place in the same vault as the file being renamed (so a refactor operation that affects files in multiple vaults will end up renaming files within each vault). You can see an example of this below:

β”œβ”€β”€ vault1
β”‚   └── bond.one
└── vault2
    └── bond.two
  • after refactoring bond -> james
β”œβ”€β”€ vault1
β”‚   └── james.one
└── vault2
    └── james.two

Support Specifying Vault Location when Creating a Note

Start anchor specify-vault-location-when-creating-a-note not found


  • add aws to the seed bank (818bc05)
  • nicer refactor formatting (0e7749a)
  • add remote vault to gitignore if exist (1c252db)
  • initialize all remote vaults on startup (1919fe4)
  • write remote url to Dendron config (2a285ea)
  • add GitHub sponsor badge on GitHub repository to recruit more environmentalists πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ

Bug Fixes

  • completion on schema suggestions (223d6a5)


Bug Fixes

  • image preview regex match wrong range



  • support image hover (8fee313)

    - you can now hover over Markdown image links and get the image preview


Bug Fixes

  • doctor errors when backfilling frontmatter (862e917)
  • properly parsing links that start at beginning of line (b2dbdfc)
  • limit completion prompts to inside wiki links (f49972e)
  • adding local vault with fail if using relative path (fb202e9)
  • make completion match the whole link (d9d4598)
  • tree view containing out of date hierarchy
  • alias notes will no longer display alias portion as part of the link when publishing



Support adding remote vaults

You can now natively add published Dendron git repos as a remote vault inside Dendron. These vaults are stored in a custom repos folder underneath your workspaceRoot. Since a remote vault is just a git repo, you are able to perform all the usual git operations on it like push, pull, merge, and blame.


  • support pods for multi-vault (661fe21)
  • much faster lookup performance for large vaults πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ (3ddeba8)
  • support sibling nav for multi-vault (235bfc7)

Bug Fixes

  • publishing fails in some cases when multi-vault is enabled (0ebac81)
  • journal and scratch notes fail in some cases for multi-vault (5c04ccd)
  • multiple commands not working properly for multi-vault(fd5a381)

House Cleaning

  • breaking: the go to sibling commands have a new keyboard shortcut since the old one was conflicting with the VS Code default. the new shortcuts are ctrl+shift+] and ctrl+shift+[



Dendron Web UI 🚧

During office hours and onboardings, many of you said how you loved Dendron's functionality but wished that it was a little easier to use, especially on the UI front.

This is why I'm excited to introduce Dendron's first Web UI - an interface build using modern web technologies integrated into VS Code.

This initial launch features the Dendron Configuration editor. Prior to the UI, you would have to manually edit YAML to update the configuration. With the web ui, you no longer have to understand YAML and your changes will be validated before being saved.

The configuration editor is just the first step in making Dendron easier to use and expect to see more updates on this front soon.

Note that the Web UI is still deemed experimental and functionality like keyboard shortcuts currently don't work.

Special thanks to Tyler Nieman for the UI work!

Start anchor configure not found


  • update config commands (44dce76)
  • enable rename with multi-vault (e26b294)
  • tree view and backlinks panel no longer appear when Dendron is not active (thank you Christopher Corley)

Bug Fixes

  • rename would fail if backlink existed at root note
  • numerous fixes to refactor hierarchy

House Cleaning

  • the Dendron: Configure command will now launch the config editor with the web ui
  • the old Dendron: Configure command as been renamed to Dendron: Configure (yaml)



You can now preview notes and references inside the editor as a hover without ever opening the link. Previews are compatible with note references and will show references as inlined Markdown.

Bug Fixes

  • workbench: copy header cmd will sometimes chop of last character (34c2530)
  • markdown: relative links sometimes don't resolve (c1ffa54)

Work in Progress



  • language: better completion on partial links (e7489b3)
  • workbench: remove color theme and minimap presets (6b6bd8d)
  • publishing: support relative links in publishing (d7d612d)
  • notes: rename the frontmatter title when note is renamed (32c77a1)
  • workbench: auto upgrade deprecated workspace settings

Bug Fixes

  • language: re-enable preview functionality when peeking at a definition (afe71c4)
  • language: creating a note by going to its definition now respects schema templates
  • workbench: initialize Dendron in the absence of a workspace file (c1aabb4)
  • workbench: cancel adding a vault if input is blank (86baed6)
  • pods: publish issue when multi-vault is enabled (cc50327)
  • ui: note will show up in wrong place in treeview when multi-vault is enabled (6daeebc)


  • NOTE: with this change, Dendron now has all the functionality of Dendron Markdown Notes built-in (and then some). To make sure you get the new link functionality, uninstall Dendron Markdown Notes



You can now navigate to a specific section within a note using relative wiki links: [[foo#header]]

Note that the header is expected in GitHub slug format. This means that spaces and special characters should be replaced with -.

  • NOTE: Relative wiki links currently don't work in the Markdown preview

Similarly to copying a note ref, if you select any part of a header while running Copy Note Link, a relative wiki-link will be automatically generated.

Start anchor copy-note-link not found

Link related features like navigation and auto complete can now detect notes in all vaults.

When the same note exists in multiple vaults, Dendron will show you a prompt to pick the note you want to navigate to.

You can now auto complete notes that have aliases. This was a common issue for folks that were using pretty tags

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with creating notes with same name in a new vault

House Cleaning

  • remove dependency on markdown-notes


Bug Fixes

  • new Dendron installation missing welcome note



Better Lookup Performance πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€

We've made a whole bunch of optimizations to make lookup hum. You should notice everything about it feel a little faster now


  • lookup: multiple lookup optimizations(f14eed8)
  • lookup: intelligently debounce queries (2f0ac56)


  • update getting started (af5dde9)

    • instead of 100+ notes, new vaults will be initialized with a single quickstart note (with links to the 100+ notes)
  • better logging (2d7fd78)

    • let logs talk for you the next time you submit an issue (no 🌲 harmed in this process)
  • nicer error messages (e1e87a1)

    • we'll let you know if you need to submit an issue instead of giving you the silent treatment
  • keep old log files (3f1362c)

    • Dendron currently wipes all logs on startup. this change makes it keep around the last log for debugging purposes

Bug Fixes

  • creating scratch notes can sometimes fail (c31c611)
  • sync issues btw server and client nodes that would cause certain commands to fail (a446aba)



Experimental Multi-Vault Support

(Early Experimental ) (Next)Multi Vault Support is here! Multi Vault lets you add additional vaults to your Dendron workspace.

Each vault is logically separate (they reside in separate directories) but can be universally queried using lookup.

Multi vault enables a bunch of exciting use cases.

  • for sensitive notes, multi-vault enables local only vaults vs vaults that can are synced on file sharing services like dropbox
  • for modularizing knowledge, multi-vault enables users to mix and match existing vaults depending on context
  • for federating and curating knowledge, multi-vault enables users to publish/subscribe to public vaults using protocols like git
  • for access control, multi-vault lets users configure specific vaults to be private which turns off publication and sharing of any notes inside said vault

Currently, the following commands are supported with multi-vault:

  • Lookup
  • Deleting a Note
  • Navigating to a note using Tree View

Other commands like rename/refactor will still work when performed in your primary vault. They will probably not work if performed against a note not inside your primary vault.

When you use Lookup to create a new note with multi vault, the note will be created inside the same vault as the current opened note. Lookup will also show you the vault that each note belongs to while performing lookup.

Currently known issues (with supported commands):

  • unable to create a note using Lookup that has the same name as an existing note inside any of your vaults
  • unable to navigating to the root of a vault using Tree View

Vault Add Command

Add a new vault to your workspace.

Vault Remove Command

Remove a vault from your workspace. Note that the underlying files wil not be deleted - the vault will lose its association with your workspace.


Bug Fixes

  • engine: init with empty config won't throw error (7beb90f)
  • engine: don't delete old note if new note wasn't created by rename (de44f9f)
  • notes: fix issue when importing note that already exists (a08a34a)

House Cleaning

  • vault metadata will be added to dendron.yml
  • dendron.yml comments will be stripped on workspace initialization



  • refs: wildcard note ref links (98a1177)

Start anchor wildcard-note-refs not found

Dendron: Configure Command

  • workbench: add configure command (db51dc3)

This is a quick way to update the dendron.yml file. You can run it by using Dendron: Configure

Bug Fixes

  • notes: fix issue when importing note that already exists (a08a34a)

House Cleaning

  • add .dendron.ws file under workspace to store workspace specific metadata




  • pods: better Markdown import pod (d1eaa264)
    • address multiple edge cases that would cause import pod to fail
    • auto-convert wiki-links from folder-based systems like Obsidian into Dendron
  • cli: launch engine server using cli (25eae3f)



Launch an instance of dendron engine


Launch the (In Progress)Dendron server. Useful for development purposes or to launch the server in a specified port

The CLI will also write out .dendron.* metadata files in the workspace root just the same as the Dendron plugin.

launch instance of dendron engine

  --version      Show version number                                   [boolean]
  --help         Show help                                             [boolean]
  --wsRoot       location of workspace
  --vault        name of vault
  --quiet        don't print output to stdout
  --port         port to launch server                                  [number]
  --init         initialize server                                     [boolean]
  --noWritePort  don't write the port to a file                        [boolean]
  --fast         launch engine without indexing                        [boolean]


dendron launchEngineServer --wsRoot ~/Dendron/ --port 3005

  • workspace: write server port in workspace (6a0ff84)
    • used by bundled extensions to talk to Dendron server
  • engine: add sync method (ec58d39)
    • used by bundled extensions to talk to Dendron server

Bug Fixes

  • engine: properly handle * in refs when refactoring (704a14f)
  • workbench: fix daily journal note command signature (5ec96ef)

0.14.1 (2020-11-05)


  • lookup: copy note link cmd (e38743d)

Start anchor copywikilink not found

Lookup Multi-Select Modifier

  • lookup: support multi-select (b409c05)

House Cleaning

Code Cleanup

With the server migration behind us, we took some time to make Dendron more hygenic by removing old code and consolidating existing code. All in all, we eliminated ~8k lines. If you are currently working on a branch, I suggest you merge with master to get the latest changes πŸ˜…

  • before cleanup
Language                     files          blank        comment           code
JSON                            73              6              0          72744
TypeScript                     246           3089           3089          31790
Markdown                        50           4682              0           5947
JavaScript                      16            168             76           1349
Bourne Shell                    23             40              9            179
YAML                            13              3              3            158
CSS                              2             17             32             72
HTML                             1              0              0             14
SVG                              1              0              0             12
SUM:                           425           8005           3209         112265
  • after cleanup
Language                     files          blank        comment           code
JSON                            73              6              0          72745
TypeScript                     224           2343           1810          24352
Markdown                        34           4772              0           5974
JavaScript                      16            168             76           1349
Bourne Shell                    24             40              9            181
YAML                             6              3              3             78
CSS                              2             17             32             72
HTML                             1              0              0             14
SVG                              1              0              0             12
SUM:                           381           7349           1930         104777



Add Contribute Command


  • shortcuts: none

Become an environmentalist and keep Dendron sustainable

This command takes you to Dendron's Environmentalist plans. Environmentalists are users that can support Dendron financially through a monthly contribution. Environmentalist get access to Insiders builds, priority support, and access to exclusive dev channels.

Add Snapshot Capability to Dendron

No note with name dendron.topic.capabilities.snapshot found in cache during parsing.

0.13.5 (2020-10-28)

Bug Fixes

  • workbench: tree view can delete notes with caps (d37926d)

0.13.4 (2020-10-28)


Migrate Existing Workspaces to Server Mode

This is the last phase in Dendron's server mode migration. All new workspaces are already running in server mode as well as well as users that have opted into it. This update transparently migrates remaining workspaces to server mode.

As a reminder, (In Progress)server mode is a re-architecture of Dendron that enables both better performance and a vast array of new features.

Finally, we do have an escape valve in things something goes terribly wrong. You can set the following option to revert server mode behavior. If you end up using this, please also cut as a ticket or a message in Discord.


  • notes: selection2link will auto generate a title based on the selection (9964339)

  • workbench: graceful failure on bad schema (4db5064)

    • instead of refusing to initialize, Dendron will skip bad schemas and generate an error report post-startup
  • workbench: nicer error messages (9e371e1)

    • certain errors now have human friendly messages instead of JSON goop

Bug Fixes

  • workbench: read JSON config with comments (1741553)
    • Dendron gets sad if your workspace has comments



Dendron now has a new role -> the Horticulturalist. These are folks who have contributed to the Dendron code base: πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎπŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ

Kudos to @britt (Private)#3020 and @lukecarrier (Private)#2081 for being the first to earn this distinction!


Excited to welcome a new dendrologist --> @I (Private)'m a lightbulb#6986

@I (Private)'m a lightbulb#6986 was one of our earliest users and one of the first to publish using Dendron.

As a reminder, dendrologist are active members of the community who are recognized with said title and a few additional Discord super powers.

0.13.3 (2020-10-24)


Direct Child Filter

  • lookup: support direct child filter (1cae082)

Start anchor filter-toggle not found

  • you can create a keyboard shortcut to do a lookup with the direct child filter pre-selected

    Start anchor filtertype not found


  • publish: be able to set config for all hierarchies (a27d94a)

    Start anchor config not found

  • schema: add custom props from schema template (5264544)

Automatically apply a template when it matches a particular hierarchy pattern This is extremely useful whenever you want to re-use the outline of a note. Examples include daily journals, weekly shopping lists, and weekly reviews.

  • workbench: reload index re-create root if not exist (c66e242)
    • Dendron requires root.md and root.schema.yml to start indexing and would previously throw an error if these files were deleted
    • this change will create these files within the vault instead of throwing said error

Bug Fixes

  • comp:common-server: don't throw error on missing log vars (9d00e55)
  • notes: refactor will miss links in newly created notes (c8a5dde)
  • lookup: don't update lookup text unless a note btn is pressed (30140f7)
  • workbench: Doctor command will create two doc directories if no doc directory is found (43f7bfc9) --> ( πŸ™ thanks to Britt for the pull request)

House Cleaning

Dendron: Change Workspace will no longer create a workspace if no workspace exists

Previously, if you wanted to use an existing folder (aka vault) with a workspace, we recommended you run Change Workspace which would create a Dendron workspace inside the folder if it didn't exist. This turns out to be an anti-pattern that interferes with features like publishing which expect the workspace to be in a separate folder from its vaults.

0.13.2 (2020-10-22)


Pod Publishing

  • pods: add publish pod cmd (8947a60)

In addition to import and export, you can now also publish notes with pods.

Publishing lets you take one note and output it into a different format/destination.

For example, you might want to use our Markdown pod to take a note with note references and publish it as a regular Markdown note to use in a GitHub issue or another tool.

Future uses of the publish method will be taking a note and publishing it to social media (eg. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), publishing it to Gmail, and publishing to destinations like Medium and dev.to.

Realtime Schema Validation

  • schemas: realtime schema validation (server mode) (42191bcd)

You will now get a warning if you are trying to save a badly formatted schema.


  • publishing: preserve abbreviations (06d9191) --> thank you Luke Carrier for the pull request
  • pods: add json publish pod (127dd7c)
  • pods: add Markdown publish pod (127dd7c)
  • pods: update placeholder text (57a4af8)
  • refs: render error when ref doesn't exist (ba1be1a)


  • dendron.pod.file has been renamed dendron.markdown
  • dendron.pod.json has been renamed dendron.json

Documentation Updates


Documentation for pods has been re-written to reflect recent changes with pods

Start anchor pods not found

0.13.1 (2020-10-21)


Generate table of contents when Publishing

  • publishing: generate toc when publishing (53ee270)

Start anchor toc not found

  • publishing: set frontmatter overrides globally when publishing (782d637)


  • lookup: add contrast btw note/schema lookup (4faec8e)

Bug Fixes

  • publish: issues with Publish command in server mode (7f3789a)
  • lookup: re-enable schema suggestions on namespace (56ee6c4)
  • workbench: reload index will update tree view (deadedc)
  • lookup: display schema id if title undefined (6c7cc70)
  • seeds: update replace merge strategy to really replace (a02e08a)



Recursive Note References

Start anchor recursive-reference not found

Bug Fixes

  • time decorator lose position: updating the frontmatter will cause the time decorator to sometimes lose its position
  • time decorator not updating: turned off temporarily to investigate performance impact
  • rename note: doesn't update all links in some cases


  • we've created a bug catcher role for folks that reported bugs to Dendron. currently trying to backfill with all the people that have contributed bugs. feel free to ping me if I missed you and big thanks to the current bug catchers!

0.12.10 (2020-10-16)


Rename and Refactor Commands an Order of Magnitude Faster Now (server mode) πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

These commands have been completely re-written and use a proper Markdown parser to find links (vs many fragile regex statements). The re-write results in both much faster performance as well as a more correct implementation.


  • progress indicator on startup (server mode): loading indicator to help with large workspaces
  • rename command support (server mode): rename command is now available in server mode
  • refactor command support (server mode): refactor hierarchy command is now available in server mode
  • publish notes support (server mode): publish notes command is now available in server mode
  • archive command support (server mode): archive hierarchy is now available in server mode
  • doctor command support (server mode): doctor command is now available in server mode

Bug Fixes

  • schema templates not working (server mode): issue where schema templates were not being applied

0.12.9 (2020-10-15)


Human Friendly Timestamps (server mode)

Timestamps now have human friendly decorators on the side.


  • copyAssets configuration: when publishing, you can now toggle whether you want to copy assets or not
  • dump state: Dendron now has a Dump State command which will dump the internal state into the logs (useful for debugging)

Bug Fixes

  • assets not being copied: assets not copied on publishing when assetsPrefix was set
  • GoUp comman go to wrong note (server mode): GoUp would sometimes try to open a stub node which would result in an error
  • Multiple workspaces result in bad timestamps (server mode): Having multiple workspaces of the same vaults open could result in bad timestamps


Error upgrading

Dendron will update keybindings/settings/etc. to the latest defaults if not currently set on upgrade. If you see the above error, it means that Dendron had trouble parsing one of your settings files. This doesn't stop Dendron from starting but it does mean that the latest settings aren't being applied.

The most likely culprit of this error is a bad snippets file. To fix, bring up the command prompt, type >Configure User Snippets, open dendron.code-snippets and see if there's anything funky with the JSON on the line mentioned by the error. You can also use tools like jsonlint to validate your JSON.

0.12.8 (2020-10-14)


Really update time in frontmatter (server only)

Dendron notes have frontmatter with an updated field. This field is supposed to show you the time in milliseconds of when the document was last updated. Until today's update, this field did not actually change πŸ˜…

id: 65b03213-d3d1-46c0-9881-a6280ed9bdeb
title: New
desc: ''
updated: 1602096212957
created: 1602096212957

Today's update makes updated update!


  • support BuildPod command (server mode): build pod now works when server mode is enabled

Bug Fixes

  • navigating to special notes: scratch/journal notes could fail to open if note already exists


Start anchor useful-extensions not found

Copy and Paste Web Content into Dendron

First copy it into Notion or use the Notion web clipper to clip it. This will format it nicely in Markdown. You can then paste it into Dendron with Markdown and everything :) . You can also use a browser extension like MarkDownload ( see below ).

Mobile Support

A comparison of mobile apps for Markdown can be found on the Dendron blog: Best Mobile Note-Taking Apps for Markdown. For a more in-depth comparison of text editors focusing on iOS devices, also take a look at this iOS Text Editor roundup by Brett Terpstra.

Dendron does not have a dedicated mobile client at this time. There are numerous mobile Markdown editors that can be used to view and edit Dendron notes. Some popular options are listed below, based on feedback in the Dendron community:

Most mobile apps do not have git support. Here are some third-party guides that have been written up to assist:

  • If you are on iOS, you can follow the instructions here to sync your git backed Dendron with any note taking tool on iOS.
  • If you are on Android, you can read this writeup by a user on having Git Sync on Android devices. MGit is also recommended for Android users when it comes to syncing your git backed Dendron with any note taking tool on Android.

If using GitHub with SSH keys or access tokens, here is an alternative: SSH keys that have project/repo-limited permissions as Deploy Keys on GitHub (with Allow write access enabled). This prevents users from setting up SSH keys with user-wide permissions across GitHub, making it more secure and limited.

0.12.7 (2020-10-13)


(Local) Server Side Indexing

Dendron can now index and manage your notes as a standalone local server independent from VS Code.

This is part of the (In Progress)server migration milestone which we took on for October.

Dendron's server side indexing is a complete rewrite of the Dendron engine (Private) which powers Dendron's lookup capabilities. The new engine is leaner, meaner, and significantly faster (especially when initializing your workspace with a large amount of notes).

Server site indexing is a pre-cursor enables our upcoming roadmap items which include:

  • (Next)multi-vault support
  • rich graphical interfaces for schemas, pods, and publishing
  • unified index for all Dendron extensions (currently each extension makes a separate index of your notes and requires manual reloading)
  • realtime updates for graph extensions
  • custom Dendron extensions written in any language

Server side indexing is currently off by default since it's still a beta feature. You can turn it on by adding the following in your settings.

"dendron.useExperimentalLSPSupport": true

Note that the current commands are currently un-available when you switch on on server side indexing:

  • RenameNote
  • Refactor Hierarchy
  • Archive Hierarchy
  • Realtime Schema Updates
  • Pod Commands

You can switch back to regular indexing at anytime by changing the above setting to false and running > Developer: Reload Window.


  • Additional Arguments for lookup: You can now use noConfirm and value arguments when creating custom lookup shortcuts (docs)
  • Update Default Snippets: default todo snippet now leaves a space after insertion
  • Set custom log levels: you can now define the verbosity of Dendron logs using the dendron.logLevel configuration
  • Upgraded Schema defaults (server only): new schemas will be created using version one defaults
  • Cleaner note frontmatter (server only): new notes won't have the optional attributes in frontmatter

Bug Fixes

  • Missing logs: issue where Open Logs would not show logs
  • Tree View empty: tree view would not populate in some cases
  • Upgrade Snippets with comments: Upgrading settings would fail if they had comments inside the JSON

Breaking Changes

  • Remove Scratch Note Command: replaced by Lookup Scratch Note shortcut
  • Remove Journal Note Command: replaced by Lookup Journal Note shortcut


Server Migration

These past two weeks have been spent on server migration work. We are almost at the end and I'm aiming to have full coverage of all existing functionality by early next week.

  • add LSP server to Dendron (0.12)
  • add api server to Dendron (0.12)
  • hook server into Dendron startup (0.12.4)
  • migrate lookup to server model
    • support query notes (0.12.6)
    • support query notes with schema (0.12.6)
    • support write notes (0.12.6)
    • support write note with schema (0.12.6)
    • support delete note (0.12.7)
    • support query schema (0.12.7)
    • support write schema (0.12.7)
    • support delete schema (0.12.7)
  • optimize server lookup performance (0.12.7)
  • enable file watcher (0.12.7)
  • Dendron tree view (0.12.7)
  • migrate commands
    • scratch note (0.12.7)
    • journal note (0.12.7)
    • copy note command (0.12.7)
    • copy note url (0.12.7)
    • lookup scratch note (0.12.7)
    • lookup journal note (0.12.7)
    • global journal note (0.12.7)
    • build pod (0.12.8)
    • rename note
    • archive hierarchy
    • refactor hiearchy
    • doctor
  • integration tests for all server functionality


0.12.6 (2020-10-07)


Default Snippets

Dendron now initializes your workspace with common default snippets

Dendron comes with a series of default snippets when you first initialize your workspace. They are located in {workspace}/vault/.vscode/dendron.code-snippets.

todo: {
    prefix: "to",
    scope: "markdown",
    body: "- [ ]",
    description: "render todo box",
tag: {
    prefix: "#",
    scope: "markdown,yaml",
    body: "[[#${1:my-tag}|tag.${1}]]",
    description: "tag",
date: {
    prefix: "date",
    scope: "markdown,yaml",
    description: "today's date",
time: {
    prefix: "time"~~,~~
    scope: "markdown,yaml",
    description: "time",

Latex Support on Published Site

No note with name archive.pkg.dendron-jekyll.topic.math found in cache during parsing.

Introduce siteRepoDir Customization

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Bug Fixes

  • trying to publish the dendron-template no longer results in a missing links report
  • issue with schemas not showing up under lookup


This section tracks our progress against the milestones in our public roadmap

  • (Done)Seeds v0
  • Server migration, progress: 70/100
    - below is a summary of our progress. we are currently about half way done
    - aiming to have a workable version using the Dendron server by next week

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  • We launched two seeds (Private). A seed is a Dendron site that tries to be be a all encompassing reference for a particular vertical. Dendron provides specific libraries and CLIs that make it easy for users to create seeds from existing open source content as well as personal notes.

Current Seeds:

- open PKM catalogue
- open AWS catalogue


this announcement also comes with an ask. Dendron is now in AlternativesTo, a crowdsourced catalogue for software recommendations. If you like Dendron and want to help us spread the word 🌱, please leave us a review here πŸ™

0.12.4 (2020-09-30)


Live schema updates

  • schema changes are now updated in realtime. no more Reload Index
  • NOTE: this doesn't yet apply to Show Schema Graph. you'll still need to run Reload Index to see the changes in the graph


  • lookup: special notes are now created via lookup (da825a9)

    • instead of being a separate command, journal and scratch notes are now created using the regular lookup interface
    • new keybindings have been introduced to map old commands to new style lookups
    • Create Journal Note and Create Scratch Note still exist as commands but will be deprecated in the next minor release
  • lookup: support lookups opening with a new split (da825a9)

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  • refs: easier note ref selection(114ff87)

Dendron will now recognize a header selection if you have any part of the header highlighted (vs needing to highlight the entire line)

Copy Note Ref

  • shortcuts:
    • key: ctrl+shift+r
    • mac: cmd+shift+r
    • when: editorFocus

Copies a reference to the current open document

This lets you quickly create a note reference to the current note.


  • we published our public roadmap

Work In Progress 🚧

This section is actively being worked on and may be incomplete.

The public roadmap is designed to give you more information about what features and functionality you can expect from Dendron over the coming months. With more transparency into what we’re building, you can share feedback earlier and have more influence into what we’re building.


Our roadmap is intended to align with Dendron's overall Mission statement. We have only added the top-level "epics" to our roadmap i.e. the large things that will have a lot of impact on the user experience.

This year, we plan to focus on three things to maximize impact:

  1. Build out Dendron's core functionality: lookup, schemas, pods, visualization, preview, sharing, plugins, and performance. These are some of the foundational features Dendrologists rely on everyday and we will make sure that they keep getting better. We will continue to add new features, improve existing features, and make sure that the core note-taking functionality is more intuitive and easier to use over time.

  2. Create a Federated Knowledge Repository. The promise of Dendron is to help people manage knowledge at scale. Most knowledge already exists in READMEs, specs, and other places. We want to make it easy to access both existing content as well as for Dendrologists to share their own.

  3. Build out Dendron for Teams. Dendron is great to use as an individual but is even more powerful when used with others. To this end, we are building out authentication, synchronization and sharing features to make Dendron a best in class tool for collaboration.

These goals lead us to the following set of features. These can definitely change (and they're really the highlights amongst all the other enhancements and bug fixes) but hopefully this gives you a birds-eye view of what we're delivering.

In Q3

In Q4


If you have questions or comments, share them either as GitHub issues or in the #feedback channel in Discord.

In addition to the content of the roadmap being updated regularly, we will also iterate on the format of the roadmap itself. We see the potential of reactions, issue comments, and even GitHub Discussions being useful for receiving direct signals back from the community about what we’ve planned. If you have feedback about the roadmap repository itself, such as how the issues are presented, let us know on Discord as well.

How can you help?

We're really lucky to have a strong community committed to building open-source knowledge management tools. There are a few ways to get involved:

  1. Bug Bash: We're always working on performance and stability improvements, please file actionable bugs with good details. It'll help us prioritize them and fix them!
  2. Document and Publish: We're on a journey to improve documentation in all forms. If you're interested in contributing, please help build out a strong list of preset vaults - PKM, TLDR, AWS or this wiki.
  3. Develop: A super impactful way to get involved is by working on and delivering one of the community-picked features.

Make sure to check out the roles to get more ideas for ways to help.

  • changelog moved to dedicated page
  • lookup menu docs

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Community Highlights

0.12.3 (2020-09-26)


When building your site by running Dendron: Build Pod, Dendron will generate a bad links report of all wiki-links that did not resolve. It will also update the links to point to a 404 page instead.


  • lookup: lookup command accept args (3e1fe8a)
  • publishing: better 404 page (e74c4a2)
  • plugin: dramatically reduce extension bundle size (22cfff8)

0.12.2 (2020-09-24)


  • refs: support partial header selection (6e35393)

Bug Fixes

  • publishing: incremental builds not setting correct links (e3dedf5)

0.12.1 (2020-09-22)


Create scratch or journal notes via lookup

A journal note is a self contained note that is meant to track something over time. Examples of journals include recording workout sessions, making meeting notes, and keeping a mood journal.

To create a journal note, trigger a lookup and then click on the calendar icon.

A scratch note is a self contained note that is meant to be used as scratchpad. Use it for thoughts or when you want to expand on a bullet point. Scratch notes are created in the scratch domain and have the following format: {domain}.journal.{Y-MM-DD-HHHHmmss}.

  • lookup: support selection modifiers when creating special notes (591c55f)


  • lookup: support selection and note toggles (70cf9eb)
  • refs: better header selection (ba9a4d9)
  • refs: emit error when header not found (5deb2d1)
  • publish: configure repoDir via config (fa838e4)