Dendron 0.23.0 has sprouted :seedling:

See the upgrade instructions here


  • auto-title notes using note frontmatter
    • titles show up in preview and when publishing
  • lots of publishing enhancements
    • support blog like archives, much smaller bundle sizes, auto focused nav and more
  • cli based doctor
    • make sure your notes are healthy for the new year

In the Works

  • integrating 11ty publishing with Dendron workspace
  • managed publishing
  • better ergonomics around multi-workspace


Last and most of all, a big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer:

Version Numbers

Version numbers for this week's release

  • plugin: 0.23.0
  • 11ty: v1.23.0
  • preview: 0.10.17


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