Bullet Journaling

Bullet journalling is a way of quickly getting your thoughts down for the day. In many ways, its more akin to a GTD and task management than traditional journalism.

Kevin's Workflow

Features Used

Create Daily Journal Notes Command

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Schema Templates

a template you can apply to all notes that match this schema. See Schema Templates for more details.

  # identifier for the template (for a note based template, it would be the name of the note)
  id: journal.template.daily
  # what sort of template we are creating. currently, only 'note' is supported
  type: note

If a template does not exist, a warning message will be shown and the note will created without a schema applied.

VS Code Commands

Move Editor Command

You can move VS Code tabs using the following builtin commands:

  • View: Move Editor Into Next Group
  • View: Move Editor Into Previous Group

They are mapped on to the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • mac: cmd+ctrl+left|right

This is helpful for looking at your notes side by side.

Kevin's Workflow Part 2

By popular demand, here's an expanded take on how Kevin uses journals in Dendron

Kiran's Workflow