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Release Notes (version 0.32)

Dendron 0.32 has sprouted 馃尡


  • custom domain names for managed publishing
  • changelog for published pages (experimental)
  • usual round of bug fixes and performance improvements


A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: You can see an overview of all roles here




  • status: 馃毀

Dendron can now generate a changelog for your published site. Note that this feature is currently experimental and will only generate the changelog for your latest commit. It also requires that you be using git to store your notes. When enabled, this will add Changelog to your nav bar which will have your most recent commit.

House Cleaning

  • all tests are now jest style tests



Custom Domain Names

Dendron now supports custom domain names for managed publishing. You can find docs here. Note that this feature is currently limited to environmentalist .


  • Add paste link command (docs)
  • don't throw fatal error on bad wikilink
  • don't throw fatal error if siteUrl not set while in dev
  • add remark-containers plugin docs

Bug Fixes

  • refs don't include children or backlinks
  • clean dendron.yml after removing a vault


Bug Fixes

  • issue with mixed case file names