Dendron 0.24 has sprouted :seedling:


  • updated note ref syntax (docs)
    • use ![[foo]] to create a note ref
  • frontmatter variable substitution (docs)
    • use variables defined in your frontmatter inside your notes!
  • Markdown improvements for preview and publishing (docs)
  • bugs and performance related changes

Breaking Changes

  • update date format for journal and scratch notes to use Luxon style formatting (docs)
    • this affects you if you updated dendron.default*DateFormat to something other than the default
    • we made this change because moment.js, our original date library, is now a legacy project and won't be receiving any new updates


Last and most of all, a big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer:

Versions Numbers

This release comes with the following versions:

  • Dendron plugin: 0.24.0

  • Dendron Markdown Preview: 0.10.19

  • Dendron CLI: 0.24.0

  • Dendron 11ty: 1.24.0

  • Dendron plugin and Dendron Markdown Preview will be auto-installed by VS Code

  • See the upgrade instructions here for dendron-11ty and Dendron CLI

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