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Release Notes (version 0.24)

Dendron 0.24 has sprouted :seedling:


  • updated note ref syntax (docs)
    • use ![[foo]] to create a note ref
  • frontmatter variable substitution (docs)
    • use variables defined in your frontmatter inside your notes!
  • markdown improvements for preview and publishing (docs)
  • bugs and performance related changes

Breaking Changes

  • update date format for journal and scratch notes to use Luxon style formatting (docs)
    • this affects you if you updated dendron.default*DateFormat to something other than the default
    • we made this change because moment.js, our original date library, is now a legacy project and won't be receiving any new updates


Last and most of all, a big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer:

Versions Numbers

This release comes with the following versions:

  • dendron plugin: 0.24.0

  • dendron markdown preview: 0.10.19

  • dendron cli: 0.24.0

  • dendron 11ty: 1.24.0

  • dendron plugin and dendron markdown preview will be auto-installed by VSCode

  • See the upgrade instructions here for dendron-11ty and dendron cli




  • better 403 page (docs)
  • spurious error message if user doesn't create note from not selecting a vault
  • better default journal note titles

Bug Fixes

  • issue publishing with subdomain
  • some queries not being returned in multi-vault settings
  • issue with noteRef mangling when using doctor

House Cleaning


  • Dendron Markdown Preview: 0.10.18
  • Dendron 11ty: 1.23.6


Updated Note Ref Syntax

You can now do references to notes using ![[note]] instead of ((ref: [[note]])) syntax. To reference a header, use ![[note#foo]]. This changes makes our note ref syntax more consistent with our wiki link syntax.

Note that the new ref syntax expects a sluggified header. This is done automatically when you use the updated copy note ref command.

This change makes it possible to create a ref to a header with special characters.

The old syntax ref syntax will still work but should now be considered deprecated. We will release a doctor command to help you auto-upgrade from the old syntax to the new syntax in the coming week.

Frontmatter Variable Substitution

It is now possible to use variables defined in your note frontmatter inside your note. The syntax is {{fm.VAR_NAME}} where VAR_NAME is the name of your variable. The fm designates that you want to use a frontmatter variable.


  • nav_exclude property excludes from nav sider and table of contents (docs)
  • copy note ref command will use the new note ref syntax
  • footnote support in preview and when publishing (docs)

Bug Fixes

  • spaces in wiki link not rendering in preview