2021-05-09 Office Hours


Company Updates

  • Interns starting tomorrow.


  • What’s the roadmap for Dendron (specifically for UI).
    • Next.js UI
    • Tree view going to be replaced with the Next.js app
    • Publishing
    • UX component
  • How do we do NPM publishing of the design package?
    • Everything publishes every week
  • Update for components
    • Used Chakra
  • How will the title of the schema be used in the graph view?
    • Schemas in notes are types
      • We should show them a lot like types in the graph view.
    • Notes with the schema could be specified with a hover action.
  • Work in Figma/visualizations first so we get feedback from the community.
  • Something interesting - play around with dev container so that anyone can do a one-click install.