Roam Vs Dendron

Dendron is your IDE for General Knowledge, see how it stacks up vs. Roam.

Roam Research is a notetaking tool for network thought. Unlike Roam, Dendron is fast, local-first and open source, giving you control of your data so there's never any downtime.

Fast and performant

Dendron operates completely on local data and is able serve your notes to you without ever having to pull from a server. That means there's no downtime. We index your notes so Lookup is fast and everything (and I mean everything) has keyboard shortcuts so you never have to leave the home row.


Did we mention we're local first? We'll never send your notes off your system unless you want to explicitly. We also have easy guides for syncing with GitHub or you can always use your own service (Dropbox, OneDrive, Nextcloud, ownCloud, etc.) to sync your notes wherever you want. Because you own your data.

Extensible and open-source

Dendron is built into VS Code and can take advantage of all the extensions you've come to love. Whether you want Vim keybindings, mermaid diagram support or snippet support, the extension ecosystem has you covered. And if you can't find something that you need, we also offer Hooks so you can build advanced workflows, right into Dendron.