Selective Publication

In Dendron, you control what gets published.

Dendron lets you control publication behavior at multiple levels:

  • globally using
  • per hiearchy through
  • per note through the publication related frontmatter
  • per line through custom Dendron directives inside the note


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Per Hierarchy

Hierarchy Configuration

You can update configuration on a per hierarchy level by modifying site.config like in the example below

      publishByDefault: true

To set options for all hierarchies, set {hiearchy name} to root.


  • default: true
  • values: true|false|hashByVault

If set to false, Dendron will only publish notes within the hierarchy that have published: true set in the frontmatter

If set as a hash, you can further specify publishByDefault settings on a per vault basis. The key is the name of the vault and the value is a boolean.

For example, the following config says that the finance hierarchy in the public vault should all be published but that the finance hierarchy in the private vault should not

        public: true
        private: false

Per Note

Note Configuration

You can specify how notes are published via the frontmatter of each note.


  • default: undefined

If set, adds CANONICAL_URL when publishing

<link rel="canonical" href="CANONICAL_URL" />


  • default: true

To exclude a page from publication, you can add the following to the frontmatter. If you set publishByDefault: false for a hierarchy, this needs to be set to true to publish

published: false

403 Page

If you link to a page that is not published, Dendron will show users a 403 page with the following content