Org Mode


Support org-mode sytnax within Dendron


This project discusses how to best incorporate org-mode functionality into Dendron


  1. support {file}.org files
  2. support org syntax within md files

1. Support {file}.org files

  • have Dendron support .org files

  • pros:

    • works with existing VS Code extensions (eg. VS Code Org Mode
    • can be edited in Emacs
  • cons:

    • uncertain how to implement Dendron specific syntax and features (eg. note references, schemas, etc.)

2. support org syntax within md files

  • implement org-mode as a fenced block

  • pros:

    • compatible with existing Markdown tool chain
  • cons:

    • might not be compatible with Emacs and existing org-mode toolchain


Currently i'm leaning towards 1). folks that want org-mode support in Dendron can create Markdown files and manually set the filetype to org mode. it's not ideal since you lose the preview but other functions like lookup still work.

Changing filetype has a custom command. VS Code has a default shortcut (cmd+k m on mac) that can be re-mapped.

"command": "workbench.action.editor.changeLanguageMode",


  • look at prior work in this area (embedding org-mode in other applications)
  • collect feedback
  • figure out if changeLanguageMode accepts args (would be great if you could toggle to org-mode and back using a single shortcut)
  • schedule org-mode implementation