This page is a reflection of what is inside the #root channel in the Dendron Discord.


Welcome to the Dendron on Discord! This is a collaborative place to discuss all things related to Dendron and personal knowledge management!


As far as rules go, we just have one:

Be nice and help make this server a place where you and others can.

Articles of interest

Some links to check out when you have time:

Channels to start with

We are absolutely thrilled to have you here. Below are some good channels to get started in:


If you'd like to connect with folks with similar goals for note taking, the easiest way to get started is by introducing yourself in #intros. I copy our intro template below:

:earth_asia: where you're based
:briefcase:  what you do
:map: how you found out about dendron
:head_bandage: biggest challenge with note taking
:call_me: things you're interested in being messaged about
:bird: a link to your social media

Here you can assign yourself special roles in the Dendron Discord within this channel:

  • Set the ServerNotify role if you're interested in getting notified (a few times a week) about CROP requests, office hours and more (in addition to regular release announcements). You will be notified with any messages using the @ServerNotify tag.
  • Set the Dev Role if you are interested in getting notified about dev-specific Dendron announcements. You will be notified with any messages using the @Dev tag.
  • Set the PublishNotify role if you are interested in getting notified about Dendron announcements related to using Dendron's publishing features, publishing templates, and documentation. You will be notified with any messages using the @PublishNotify tag.


Got questions? Meet answers!


General chat about all the things.



For new users, Dendron does an initial onboarding session to help folks get started.

This is an example of features and philosophy we love to show new users.

Onboarding preparation

Here are some helpful tips for new users preparing for onboarding sessions:

Onboarding repository

We recommend having the sample, onboarding repository cloned to your local system as a Dendron playground.


Join onboarding channel

Joining the onboarding channel in the Dendron Discord

Join other Dendrologists

There are a variety of ways to connect with Dendron devs, contributors, and other members of the Dendron community:

  1. Channels
  2. Roles