Seeds v0


Make it easy for people to publish and find high quality notes for any topic they care about


Dendron lets anyone publish an online version of the notes inside their Dendron vault. The Dendron Website is an example of a published vault.

Dendron seeds is a project to to curate notes from existing open source material. This means re-mixing existing open source content into public references. For example, og-aws is a fantastic resource for AWS. TLDR is a great reference for CLI. The former is only available as a README, the latter via the console. It should be easy to take the content from these sites and publish them as public Dendron vaults. The information in these vaults can also be enriched from other sources. In this way, Dendron can help build the highest quality, most up to date, information for any respective domain that people care about.


  • establish basic seed framework
  • populate seeds using CLI
  • create 3 2 seeds in 3 2 different verticals #wip (Private)
    • aws
    • open pkm


  • use seeds from within the Dendron extension
  • automatically keep seeded vaults up to date
  • create index of high quality seeds