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If you would like to contribute to the docs, you can do so by either making changes on github directly or by cloning our website repo and sending us a pull request.

Making Changes on Github

Click Edit this page on github at the bottom left corner of every page. This is recommended way of making a change. The only pre-requisite is that you have a github account.


  • if you're adding an image along with the documentation, you can imgur to upload
  • note that you'll want to copy the image link and not the link to the imgur website


  • uploading gifs is the same process as uploading images
  • to create gifs, we recommend using the Kap app or making a Loom video
  • if you are making a gif from within vscode, please turn on screencast mode so we can see what awesome keyboard shortcuts you're using :)

Making Changes via Pull Request

For more involved changes, you can clone our github repo and opening dendron.code-workspace using VSCode. is built from the contents of vault/dendron.*. Make a change in the corresponding file and send us a pull request to update the documentation. You can preview your changes using the Dendron Markdown Enhanced extension.