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Release Notes (version 0.33)

Dendron 0.33 has sprouted 🌱


  • password protected sites
  • export to regular markdown
  • create github style commit visualization
  • lots of new customization options
  • bug fixes and performance improvements


A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: You can see an overview of all roles here



Markdown Export

The export markdown pod will take Dendron markdown and convert it to regular markdown. Dendron specific markup like wikilinks and note refs will be converted to their markdown equivalent (regular md link and inlining the note ref content as markdown).


  • type: export

Create a vega punchard visualization of your commits. This will output two files at the destination:

  • commits.csv
  • index.html

You can then see this using a HTML server.

  • Instructions:
dendron exportPod  --wsRoot . --podId dendron.gitpunchard --config "dest=/tmp/vega" 
cd /tmp/vega
python -m http.server


  • disable git linking on a per note basis (docs)
  • set a custom path for git url (docs)
  • dendron-cli is now named dendron (dendron-cli will continue to work)
  • buildSiteV2 has been renamed to buildSite (buildSiteV2 will continue to work but is now considered deprecated)
  • add tldr to remote vault presets (docs)
  • support useFMTitle when publishing to markdown
  • fix link textwrap issue when publishing for mobile

House Cleaning

  • consolidate engine-server and common-server tests into engine-test-utils



Password protected sites

You can now use managed publishing with a password. Note that you'll need sprout membership to use the feature.


  • control display for children links (docs)
  • skipLevels also applies to children lins
  • useNoteTitleForLink also applies to note references
  • importing from markdown is now 5x faster πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
    • NOTE: this is only for the CLI
  • a bunch of new options when importing a pod (docs)
  • show progress bar when importing pod from plugin

Bug Fixes

  • dendron will check if dependencies are actually installed before trying to preview your site
  • remove un-used extensions
  • failure when importing large amounts of markdown files using import pod

House Cleaning

  • importing a pod now requires a vaultName parameter (previous, we just defaulted to the first vault)