Obsidian Vs Dendron

Dendron is your IDE for General Knowledge, see how it stacks up vs. Obsidian.

Obsidian is a knowledge base that works on your local markdown files. Unlike Obsidian, Dendron is open source, hierarchically structured and scales with you so can organize (and find) any amount of information.

Extensible and open-source

Dendron is built into VSCode and can take advantage of all the extensions you've come to love. Whether you want vim keybindings, mermaid diagram support or snippet support, the extension ecosystem has you covered. And if you can't find something that you need, we also offer Hooks so you can build advanced workflows, right into Dendron.

Hierarchically structured

Whereas notes can end up in a tangled mess when you only have backlinks and folders, Dendron has a flexible and emergent series of tools to help you structure your data. Hierarchies function as support beams, they help enforce the foundations of your knowledge base. Dendron encourages you to be flexible with your mental models by allowing you to refactor them. And once you've got a handle on a particular topic, schemas can help you scale out to other domains and see patterns that you otherwise wouldn't.