2022-02-02 Office Hours

Office Hours

February 2nd, 2022

Release notes:




  • For questions, please add your @{discord-handle}: question
  • @kevins8 (Private): how do I ask questions on the google doc? (example)

Notes around questions asked during office hours

  1. @ThatSisyphean (Private)#7459: how much are you guys looking to get into personal data management in addition to personal knowledge management? Managing photos, videos, heartrate data, etc.

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  5. @RzLnx88 (Private)#1569: is there a way to dynamically create a title in note from a template or schema?

    Ans. Yes.see: https://wiki.dendron.so/notes/bdZhT3nF8Yz3WDzKp7hqh.html


  • Hyun Ik Choi: I just checked this. This is part of the sanity checking logic in the publish commands that didn't get cleaned up. Thanks for bringing this up. This should be removed.