Sync Gotchas

Synchronizing your workspace

"Workspace Sync" only synchronizes vaults, and not workspaces. However, if your workspace has a local vault, then the workspace will get synchronized along with that vault. The vault will be considered a workspace vault, so make sure to set your workspace vault sync configuration.

If you don't want your workspace synchronized, make sure to set your workspace vault sync is set to skip. Or, convert all your local vaults to remote vaults.

Pulling with noCommit vaults

If you have a vault or workspace configured with noCommit, and the workspace has uncommitted changes to tracked files, then Workspace Sync will try to stash your changes, pull remote changes, then restore your changes. This is necessary because git will otherwise refuse to pull remote changes.

If Dendron were to crash in the middle of the sync (which we have never seen in practice), there's a small chance that the stashed changes might not get restored. If that happens, run the Dendron:Dev: Open Logs command, and then search the log file for pullVaults. You should find a line like this:


Copy the value for "stashed" (f265...4ea), then open a terminal in the repository folder. Then, run git stash apply <stashed value here> to restore any changes that were stashed away.