Dendron 0.57 has sprouted 馃尡


  • (workspace) Workspace initialization up to 60% faster 馃殌馃殌馃殌
  • (workspace) Seed Browser: Users can now browse the Seed Registry directly from their workspace, and interactively download them into their workspace (docs)
  • (workspace) Insert note has a bunch of new modes (docs)
  • (workspace) Tag colors now show up in graph view
  • (workspace) Progress indicators are now displayed for all long running actions
  • (workspace) The legacy preview has been removed as a recommended extension
  • (workspace): Nicer refactor preview
  • (workspace): Better hover message
  • (markdown) Dendron natively supports @user notes (docs)
  • (pods) The GitHub pod can now use publish to create new issues (docs)
  • (fix:workspace) Backlinks properly update on frontmatter tag changes
  • (fix:workspace) Issue with browse note command on windows
  • (fix:workspace) Unhandled error when escaping from insert note command


Our documentation changes a lot week by week. Below is a highlight of some updates from the past week.


Thank You's

A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: You can see an overview of all roles here


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