How to take notes on mobile devices.


A comparison of mobile apps for Markdown can be found on the Dendron blog: Best Mobile Note-Taking Apps for Markdown. For a more in-depth comparison of text editors focusing on iOS devices, also take a look at this iOS Text Editor roundup by Brett Terpstra.

Dendron does not have a dedicated mobile client at this time. There are numerous mobile Markdown editors that can be used to view and edit Dendron notes. Some popular options are listed below, based on feedback in the Dendron community:

Most mobile apps do not have git support. Here are some third-party guides that have been written up to assist:

  • If you are on iOS, you can follow the instructions here to sync your git backed Dendron with any note taking tool on iOS.
  • If you are on Android, you can read this writeup by a user on having Git Sync on Android devices. MGit is also recommended for Android users when it comes to syncing your git backed Dendron with any note taking tool on Android.

If using GitHub with SSH keys or access tokens, here is an alternative: SSH keys that have project/repo-limited permissions as Deploy Keys on GitHub (with Allow write access enabled). This prevents users from setting up SSH keys with user-wide permissions across GitHub, making it more secure and limited.

Another approach that you can take is to use tools like Google Keep to capture stray thoughts while on the go and then consolidate them in Dendron when you're back on a computer.