The Dendron CLI exposes Dendron's functionality via the command line.


Install Node.js

There are several approaches that can be taken to install Node.js to your desktop. Select one of the following:

Verify Node.js

  • Verify that node is available in VS Code in a terminal.

  • Run the command: Terminal: Create New Terminal

  • Run the following in the terminal: node --version

  • You should see a version number printed out. It's recommended to at least be the latest LTS Version of Node.js

  • If you see command not found, you might need to restart your terminal, login session, or system before attempting to verify again


Local directory

Dendron recommends installing dendron-cli in the local directory in order to avoid conflicts at the global level, and to keep Dendron versions isolated to each workspace. This is also beneficial for CI/CD systems, sharing repositories, and publishing your notes since package-lock.json or yarn.lock can ensure all users/systems are using the same dendron-cli.

# If dendron-cli is installed in the local directory via npm
# - Creates a package.json and package-lock.json
# - dendron-cli is only accessible in the directory this is ran in
# - dendron commands must be run like: `npx dendron <cmd>`
# - This is best practice for repos doing publishing, etc.
npm install @dendronhq/dendron-cli@latest

Globally accessible

# If dendron-cli is installed at a global level via npm
# - dendron-cli is accessible via any directory
# - Ensures dendron-cli can run without the `npx` prefix
# - dendron commands must be run like: `dendron <cmd>`
npm install -g @dendronhq/dendron-cli@latest

Common Options


This only needs to be set if you are not executing the CLI from within the root of your workspace or in a subdirectory of an existing workspace


Path to a vaults. If not given and not a multi vault workspace, Dendron will use the only existing vault. Otherwise, will ask for you to specify a vault


Runs the command called using the in memory engine instead of connecting to a server.


dendron dev <cmd>

commands related to development of Dendron

  cmd  a command to run
      [string] [required] [choices: "generate_json_schema_from_config", "build",
       "bump_version", "publish", "sync_assets", "sync_tutorial", "prep_plugin",
    "package_plugin", "install_plugin", "enable_telemetry", "disable_telemetry",
                           "show_telemetry", "show_migrations", "run_migration"]

  --version           Show version number                              [boolean]
  --help              Show help                                        [boolean]
  --wsRoot            root directory of the Dendron workspace
  --vault             name of vault
  --quiet             don't print output to stdout
  --upgradeType       how to do upgrade
                              [choices: "major", "minor", "patch", "prerelease"]
  --publishEndpoint   where to publish              [choices: "local", "remote"]
  --extensionTarget   extension name to publish in the marketplace
                                                 [choices: "dendron", "nightly"]
  --fast              skip some checks
  --skipSentry        skip upload source map to sentry
  --migrationVersion  migration version to run
                     [choices: "0.83.0", "0.55.2", "0.51.4", "0.47.1", "0.46.0"]

  1. Upgrade