2021-07-04 Office Hours

Company updates

  • Native Dendron Preview
    • Built using Dendron web ui
    • Will be common between VS Code and upcoming Next.js based publishing so everything is consistent
    • Easier to ship new features
    • Much faster
    • Reduce initial download size by +100MB
  • Updated onboarding experience
    • Initial implementation for workspace templates
    • Easy initialization for common scenarios (eg. team workspace, individual todos, blogs, etc.)
    • Dendron: Launch Tutorial
  • LOTS of stability/performance improvements
    • anchors/headers are now updated in real time (used to be on save)
    • Graph view readability
    • Better Pod development
  • Seed Bank


  • How is publishing a seed different from publishing as a public page on GitHub?
    • Difference: discovery and download
  • If I want to publish just a hierarchy to a seed. How would I do that?
    • We currently only support publishing a vault at a time.
    • Workflow would be to create a new vault called writing, then move all the notes to the vault and then publish just that vault.


  • Dendron lifecycle
    • Start with Daily journal
    • Scratch notes expand on thoughts
    • Build a knowledge base
      • When you’ve got time for reflection