Schema Template


Schema templates let you designate a note as a template. Newly created notes that match a schema with a template will have both the contents and custom frontmatter of the template note applied at creation.

This is extremely useful whenever you want to re-use the outline of a note. Examples include daily journals, weekly shopping lists, and weekly reviews.

Template Variable Replacement

Template variable replacement lets you replace the text of a schema template prior to application. The syntax for variable replacement is <%= YOUR_VARIABLE %>.

Template Variables

Full list of currently supported template variables

  • For inserting the current date and time:
    • CURRENT_YEAR: The current year
    • CURRENT_MONTH: The month as two digits (example '02')
    • CURRENT_WEEK: The week of the year as two digits (example '17')
    • CURRENT_DAY: The day of the month as two digits (example '08')
    • CURRENT_HOUR: The current hour in 24-hour clock format
    • CURRENT_MINUTE: The current minute as two digits
    • CURRENT_SECOND: The current second as two digits


  • template
    Today is <%=CURRENT_YEAR%>.<%= CURRENT_MONTH%>.<%= CURRENT_DAY%>,
  • output
    Today is 2022.01.04