Dendron 0.64 has sprouted 🌱

More streamlined publishing as well as lots of fixes and enhancements to existing features


  • feat(publish): add dendron publish dev command (docs)
  • feat(publish): add dendron publish export command (docs)
  • fix(publish): optimize Next.js publishing search

Everything Else

  • enhance(publish): support publishing to GitHub as a export template
  • enhance(publish): support --yes flag when exporting to skip prompts
  • enhance(publish): initialize template will also install dependencies
  • enhance(publish): warn when assetsPrefix isn't set
  • enhance(lookup): lookup wikilinks
  • fix(lookup): better hierarchy look up when inside parts of the hierarchy are omitted
  • enhance(lookup): allow configuration of workspace to make 'Create New' not bubble up in note lookup
  • enhance(pods): asignees in GitHub issue publish pod (docs)@joshi
  • fix(workspace): possible error if open note is changed quickly after edit
  • fix(markdown): better footnote rendering in note references
  • fix(markdown): user tags & hashtags inside links should be parsed as regular text
  • fix(publish): wikilinks inside note references don't have right link
  • fix(workspace): making changes to fontmatter title also update the preview
  • chore: add test for apostrophe in alias
  • chore: skip failing WS init test on Windows


General Updates

  • Recording and notes from last week's greenhouse talk posted here
  • Dendron wiki is now moved to the Next.js Publishing

Dendron Reading Series

This week's entry in the Dendron Reading Series.

Whatever the opposite of schadenfreude is is what I felt when reading about the GitLab IPO. It's significant in that they're the first (YC) all remote open source company to go public. Dendron (YC W21) has taken a lot of cues from the GitLab Handbook and are expanding on our own learnings in the Dendron handbook.

Fun fact - when Sid, GitLab founder, gave a talk during YC, he was able to answer most followup questions by a direct link from the GitLab handbook. It was an awesome demonstration of the power of having a single source of truth that can be easily looked up :seedling:

Office Hours

You can find notes from our latest office hours here

Thank You's

A big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release :man_farmer: :woman_farmer: You can see an overview of all roles here


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