2021-06-20 Office Hours

Company updates

  • Stuff that’s coming out tomorrow:
    • Calendar view
    • Set default vault for daily journal (last week’s CROP)
    • Previews are limited to a specific reference.
    • Graph update
      • Filter by vault or by regex
    • Seed Bank in preview
    • Airtable pod!
      • Excited to use this since we have good data/viz in Airtable.
      • E.g. Customer issue tracking
        • anything that happens more than once, we want a playbook and then fix the issue or change the UX so we don’t have an issue.
      • Pods: Dendron is where your knowledge is, and helps you put your knowledge where it needs to be.
  • Future work:
    • Calendar view hardcoded for a few settings (needs to actually be called daily.journal for it to kick in). This will be remedied in the future.
    • Accessibility - making it easier for people to get started with Dendron.
      • Installation takes a while.
        • Markdown preview is an unnecessary dependency (and HUGE) so will reduce our install by ~100MB.
      • Unifying UI layer - the web UI to make it easier to reduce bundle size and make sure you get the same preview + publish experience.
      • Templates. Initialize with a seed of project management and todos.
      • PKM seed - definite reference of how people are managing their journals.
        • Inspired by TodoMVC.
      • Starting Blog.dendron.so
        • We’d like to dedicate part of the blog to a community section. Posts + highlights on the community.
        • Interviews and highlights of use cases.


  • What are we going to work on next?
  • How are people note-taking today?