Senior Frontend Engineer

Dendron is an open source knowledge management platform built inside the IDE. We help developers organize general knowledge at scale.

We're looking for engineers that can build out our feature set across multiple platforms and form factors. Help us build the IDE for general knowledge. We're looking for a partner that is passionate about knowledge management and that can help us shape how it should be done moving forward.

What you'll do

  • Build Dendron's frontend for desktops, browsers, and alternative form factors (eg. browser extension, CLI, etc.)
  • Take full ownership of Dendron's client architecture (design system, style guide, build process, etc.)
  • Participate and set the norms in a remote first, open source, docs first culture

Who you are

  • You have deep experience with frontend JS (ideally React + Typescript)
  • You understand the nuances of modern CSS in its various permutations (vanilla, SCSS, CSS-in-JS)
  • You care deeply about knowledge management and user-centric product development
  • You take a thoughtful approach to decision making and know when to make the right tradeoffs
  • You want to work in a fast paced product-driven environment

What we offer

  • real salaries, founding level equity (with a 7 year exercise window), flexible titles
  • work in the open (source)
  • a remote first workplace
  • personal learning budget ($1500/year) for anything that helps you grow
  • be part of the solution to information overload

See Dendron Benefits for further details

What we're built on


  • our stack is all Typescript
  • our frontend is React and Next.js
  • our backend is express.js
  • we use unified to parse, extend, and compile Markdown


  • our infrastructure consists of serverless technologies built on top of AWS
  • we build on top of GitHub Actions


How we work

  • GitHub and Dendron for issue tracking
  • GitHub for source control
  • Sentry (to be coming) for error reporting
  • Discord and Dendron for internal communication
  • Dendron as our knowledge base
  • Google Doc and Dendron for meetings

Our Mission

"We are overwhelmed with information and we don't have the tools to properly index and filter through it. [The development of these tools, which] will give society access to and command over the inherited knowledge of the ages [should] be the first objective of our scientist" - Vannevar Bush, 1945

You can see all our values and processes in the Dendron Handbook.


To apply, email with resume/LinkedIn/GitHub and we can proceed from there.