Obsidian Style


  • id: dendron.obsidian-style
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    • ❌ export


When running the pod, specify the file with your Obsidian styles you'd like to import. For the vault parameter, just add a valid vault from your workspace. This pod works a bit differently than other ones, and this is a required parameter that doesn't get used by this pod.

Supported Selectors/Properties

The following selectors are supported from Obsidian:

  • .graph-view.color-fill
  • .graph-view.color-circle
  • .graph-view.color-line
  • .graph-view.color-text
  • .graph-view.color-fill-highlight

The following properties are supported:

  • color
  • opacity

Any CSS rules not covered by the above selectors/properties will be omitted in the final result.

Using the Exported File

The exported style file can be found at ~/.dendron/styles. To use, copy the filename of the exported file and add the following to dendron.yml:

- graph
    - stylePath: filename_here.css