Snippets are templates that you can trigger to automatically insert text that you use on a regular basis. Examples include meeting note templates, contact details and recipes.

You can read about how to work with snippets here.

Dendron automatically comes with snippets. They are available at in the following file: vault/.vscode/dendron.code-snippets. You can see a copy of it here.

You can modify snippets by using > Preferences: Configure User Snippets and selection dendron.code-snippets.


You can use intellisense to preview snippets and use tab key to complete them.

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You can use custom variables in your snippets. You can read more about it here. An excerpt of VS Code variables is pasted below:

The following variables can be used:

  • TM_SELECTED_TEXT The currently selected text or the empty string
  • TM_CURRENT_LINE The contents of the current line
  • TM_CURRENT_WORD The contents of the word under cursor or the empty string
  • TM_LINE_INDEX The zero-index based line number
  • TM_LINE_NUMBER The one-index based line number
  • TM_FILENAME The filename of the current document
  • TM_FILENAME_BASE The filename of the current document without its extensions
  • TM_DIRECTORY The directory of the current document
  • TM_FILEPATH The full file path of the current document
  • RELATIVE_FILEPATH The relative (to the opened workspace or folder) file path of the current document
  • CLIPBOARD The contents of your clipboard
  • WORKSPACE_NAME The name of the opened workspace or folder
  • WORKSPACE_FOLDER The path of the opened workspace or folder

For inserting the current date and time:

  • CURRENT_YEAR The current year
  • CURRENT_YEAR_SHORT The current year's last two digits
  • CURRENT_MONTH The month as two digits (example '02')
  • CURRENT_MONTH_NAME The full name of the month (example 'July')
  • CURRENT_MONTH_NAME_SHORT The short name of the month (example 'Jul')
  • CURRENT_DATE The day of the month
  • CURRENT_DAY_NAME The name of day (example 'Monday')
  • CURRENT_DAY_NAME_SHORT The short name of the day (example 'Mon')
  • CURRENT_HOUR The current hour in 24-hour clock format
  • CURRENT_MINUTE The current minute
  • CURRENT_SECOND The current second
  • CURRENT_SECONDS_UNIX The number of seconds since the Unix epoch

For inserting random values:

  • RANDOM 6 random Base-10 digits
  • RANDOM_HEX 6 random Base-16 digits
  • UUID A Version 4 UUID

For inserting line or block comments, honoring the current language:

  • BLOCK_COMMENT_START Example output: in PHP /* or in HTML <!--
  • BLOCK_COMMENT_END Example output: in PHP */ or in HTML -->
  • LINE_COMMENT Example output: in PHP //

Default Snippets

Dendron comes with a series of default snippets when you first initialize your workspace. They are located in {workspace}/vault/.vscode/dendron.code-snippets.

todo: {
    prefix: "to",
    scope: "markdown",
    body: "- [ ]",
    description: "render todo box",
tag: {
    prefix: "#",
    scope: "markdown,yaml",
    body: "[[#${1:my-tag}|tag.${1}]]",
    description: "tag",
date: {
    prefix: "date",
    scope: "markdown,yaml",
    description: "today's date",
time: {
    prefix: "time"~~,~~
    scope: "markdown,yaml",
    description: "time",