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Snippets are templates that you can trigger to automatically insert text that you use on a regular basis. Examples include meeting note templates, contact details and recipes.

You can read about how to work with snippets here.

Dendron automatically comes with snippets. They are available at in the following file: vault/.vscode/dendron.code-snippets. You can see a copy of it here.

You can modify snippets by using > Preferences: Configure User Snippets and selection dendron.code-snippets.

Using Snippets

You can use intellisense to preview snippets and use tab key to complete them.

This is a standalone extension used by Dendron to help you more easily create snippets.


Create Global Snippet

Goto Global Snippet

Default Snippets

Dendron comes with a series of default snippets when you first initialize your workspace. They are located in {workspace}/vault/.vscode/dendron.code-snippets.

todo: {
    prefix: "to",
    scope: "markdown",
    body: "- [ ]",
    description: "render todo box",
tag: {
    prefix: "#",
    scope: "markdown,yaml",
    body: "[[#${1:my-tag}|tag.${1}]]",
    description: "tag",
date: {
    prefix: "date",
    scope: "markdown,yaml",
    description: "today's date",
time: {
    prefix: "time"~~,~~
    scope: "markdown,yaml",
    description: "time",


Can't autocomplete snippets inline

To get snippets to autocomplete, make sure you don't have snippets disabled

  1. go to > workspace: open user settings (json)
  2. change the following line to true
"editor.suggest.showSnippets": false,