Dendron: Move Note

Dendron will not allow you to move a note if a note already exists in the destination.

If you are looking to move a note within a hierarchy in one vault, or simply rename the note, use Dendron: Rename Note instead.


Move a note to another vault and update all backlinks to that note.




Dendron: Move Note is a command that lets you move a note between vaults when in a Multi-vault workspace, and will also update all references in other notes of that note. This command can move several notes at once, too (i.e. a note and all their children)

  1. Call Dendron: Move Note from the command bar.
  2. Type the note's title.
    1. (Optional, for moving multiple notes) Type the parent's note and click on the square icon on the right of the panel (see image below).
  3. Select the new vault where you want to move the note(s) to.

**{{fm.title}}**: Selecting several notes at once)

Moving a note using the file explorer

You can also select Dendron: Move Note after right clicking on a note in the explorer to move that note. This will also update the backlinks as well.