Dendron 0.14 is here 🌱

At 14, Dendron might not yet be old enough to vote (if you are old enough and in the USA, please do that next week) but it is coming out of preview πŸ₯³

Concretely, this means a few things:

  1. Dendron is announcing our Environmentalist plan, a 100% optional monthly subscription for users who like to support us financially
  2. Dendron will now commit to a regular release cycle. New releases will go out at the beginning of every week. Environmentalist will get access to early builds and features every few days.
  3. Dendron will have a deprecation policy for all non-experimental (🚧) features. Any potentially breaking changes will first be deprecated and users will have at least a week's notice before a breaking change is made.
  4. Dendron is dropping the preview label

As part of getting out of preview, we are launching on Product Hunt, a popular online catalogue for new products. If Dendron has been helpful in your life, we would appreciate it πŸ™ if you could leave us some comments there. This will help new people discover our community!

Dendron - A better way to know | Product Hunt


  • complete server migration for all users
  • create snapshots (Private) of your vault and restore them back to a specific point in time
  • introduce Environmentalist Plans for folks that want to support Dendron financially
  • add publishing capability to pods (with ability to publish to JSON and regular Markdown)
  • support creating generated table of contents when publishing
  • realtime schema validation when saving
  • numerous enhancements
  • numerous bug fixes
  • better handling of errors and failures


House Keeping

  • dendron.noServerMode setting has been removed
  • Dendron docs has been re-organized to be less overwhelming (if you have any links bookmarked, they will still all work because of Dendron's permanent links


  • Dendron office hours: this will be additional slots you can book outside of the initial onboarding to go over specific workflows. More details and schedule to follow in next week's release!
  • Dendron Multi Vault Support
  • Better migration workflows from other tools into Dendron


Last and most of all, a big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release.