Dendron 0.14 is here 🌱

At 14, Dendron might not yet be old enough to vote (if you are old enough and in the USA, please do that next week) but it is coming out of preview 🥳

Concretely, this means a few things:

  1. Dendron is announcing our Environmentalist plan, a 100% optional monthly subscription for users who like to support us financially
  2. Dendron will now commit to a regular release cycle. New releases will go out at the beginning of every week. Environmentalist will get access to early builds and features every few days.
  3. Dendron will have a deprecation policy for all non-experimental (🚧) features. Any potentially breaking changes will first be deprecated and users will have at least a week's notice before a breaking change is made.
  4. Dendron is dropping the preview label

As part of getting out of preview, we are launching on Product Hunt, a popular online catalogue for new products. If Dendron has been helpful in your life, we would appreciate it 🙏 if you could leave us some comments there. This will help new people discover our community!

Dendron - A better way to know | Product Hunt


  • complete (In Progress)server migration for all users
  • create snapshots (Private) of your vault and restore them back to a specific point in time
  • introduce Environmentalist Plans for folks that want to support Dendron financially
  • add publishing capability to pods (with ability to publish to JSON and regular Markdown)
  • support creating generated table of contents when publishing
  • realtime schema validation when saving
  • numerous enhancements
  • numerous bug fixes
  • better handling of errors and failures


  • new roles

    • introduce the Environmentalist role, created for folks that are keeping Dendron sustainable through a monthly contribution

      • Britt Selvitelle (@britt#3020)
      • Tom Diaz (@TomD#7339)
      • Kiran Pathakota (@kpats#8761)
      • Cristian Caratti (@ccaratti#2465)
      • Ken Sonoda (@ksoda#9504)
      • Adam Howard (@A Howard#8010)
      • Ladd Hoffmab (@Bassmann#5300)
      • Fayçal MITIDJI (@bsqrd#9701)
      • Tyler Nieman (@tsnieman#6157)
      • Ilana Lin (@ilana#7242)
      • Luke Roslanowski (@lukecarrier#2081)
      • Huw Millar
      • Martin Stemplinger
    • introducing the Horticulturalist role, created for folks who have contributed to the Dendron code base

      • Britt Selvitelle (@britt#3020)
      • Luke Roslanowski (@lukecarrier#2081)
  • we now have a new Community section on our website that highlights the work and roles of our members

House Keeping

  • dendron.noServerMode setting has been removed
  • Dendron docs has been re-organized to be less overwhelming (if you have any links bookmarked, they will still all work because of Dendron's permanent links


  • Dendron office hours: this will be additional slots you can book outside of the initial onboarding to go over specific workflows. More details and schedule to follow in next week's release!
  • Dendron (Next)Multi Vault Support
  • Better migration workflows from other tools into Dendron


Last and most of all, a big thanks to the following gardeners that brought up issues, contributions, and fixes to this release.