Import Pod CLI


Use pods to import your notes from another pod type


use a pod to import notes

  --version         Show version number                                [boolean]
  --help            Show help                                          [boolean]
  --wsRoot          location of workspace
  --vault           name of vault
  --quiet           don't print output to stdout
  --enginePort      If set, connect to to running engine. If not set, create new
                    instance of Dendron Engine
  --attach          Use existing engine instead of spawning a new one
  --useLocalEngine  If set, use in memory engine instead of connecting to a
                    server                                             [boolean]
  --podId           id of pod to use
  --showConfig      show pod configuration
  --genConfig       show pod configuration
  --podPkg          if specifying a custom pod, name of pkg
  --config          pass in config instead of reading from file. format is comma
                    delimited {key}={value} pairs
  --podSource       podSource[choices: "custom", "builtin"] [default: "builtin"]


  • Import notes from FilePod
dendron importPod --podId dendron.markdown --wsRoot .