This hierarchy describes the short term and long term projects of Dendron.

Q4 2020

Commenting and Reviews

For Dendrologists

The easiest way to leave a comment is by using the code stream extension.

You should have received an invite to be part of the Dendrologist team (if not, ping Kevin).

After you install the extension and log in, you'll be able to leave comments inline in the the docs!

Other Resources

  • Cookbook: Optional things to help you manage Dendron projects


Custom Frontmatter

  • start: start date for project
  • end: end date for project


  • project: creates the outline for a new project


## Goals

What are we trying to accomplish. Try to limit this to one or two sentences. 

## Details

This can be used to further elaborate on the task at hand

## Discussions

Link to existing discussion on the topic. 

## Tasks
What tasks are related to accomplish this project?

## Release Notes

What does the public announcement of this project look like?

  1. Cookbook
  2. Entries
  3. (null)Template