Problem Statement

You have scripts that you want to organize and whose outputs you might want to render using Dendron.


Currently (2020.09.24), Dendron's convention for any file that is not Markdown is to keep it under an assets folder in your vault.

└── workspace
    └── vault
        ├── ...
        └── assets
            ├── images/
            └── scripts/

For example, images are saved under assets/images/ and referenced as /assets/images/* inside your notes.

You can do the same with scripts by keeping them under a scripts directory.

You can navigate to them via regular VS Code (cmd|ctrl+p), and then include them as code chunks in your Markdown.

The Dendron preview accepts running code chunks. You can see the instructions here

VS Code is also adding native support for notebooks so as that support becomes more mature, we'll probably look into making this process less kludgy.