Local Config Override


Local config overrides allows for a custom dendronrc.yml file, located either inside the $WS_ROOT or the $HOME folder to be merged with the values in dendron.yml.


  • add local configuration that you don't want to check in to a shared dendron.yml
  • add your own local vault to a shared team vault
  • keep a list of vaults that you want to have access to everywhere


Local Config

  • alias: LC

The dendronrc.yml used to override existing configurations

Local Config Vaults

  • alias: LCV

These are vaults that are added via a local dendronrc.yml file


  • LCVs will not be added to the workspace file: this results in some notable UX changes:
    • you will not be able to use cmd+p to navigate notes inside LCV
    • you will not be able to use the native code explorer pane to navigate inside a LCV
    • the vscode breadcrump will show you the full path to a note inside a LCV
    • the default source control view will not show a LCV (workspace sync will still work)
  • LCVs will not be automatically added to .gitignore - you will need to manually do this
  • LC can extend existing vaults but not delete or remove existing vaults
  • there is currently no built-in command to create/update/delete a LC


Configure Local Override

This command opens up dendronrc.yml file for a specified scope.

User is prompted to choose the configuration scope when running the command: WORKSPACE or GLOBAL.

WORKSPACE -> dendronrc.yml under $WS_ROOT: affects currently opened workpsace GLOBAL -> dendronrc.yml under $HOME: affects all local workspaces of the current user

If dendronrc.yml doesn't exist for the specified scope, the command creates one.


Add a local vault to your team workspace

  1. Create a dendronrc.yml file

    cd $WS_ROOT
    touch dendronrc.yml
  2. Add your own configuration

    • NOTE: the easiest way to set this up is by adding a vault locally in the workspace, copying the resulting yml from dendron.yml, and then removing the vault locally
                fsPath: dependencies/localhost/local-vault
                selfContained: true
                name: local-vault
  3. Add the vault to the .gitignore

    echo dependencies/localhost/local-vault >> .gitignore
  4. Reload your workspace

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