Dendron should be the fastest way for people to access the information they care about.

  • lookup should finish in under a second
  • all parts of our toolchain should optimize for speed


Dendron should become easier to use as you accumulate more notes.

Sensible Defaults

Dendron, while being configurable, should have defaults such that work for most people out of the box.


Users should have full control of their data and it should be our first principle to maximize this as much as possible.


We aim to make it easy for you to use your notes in any tool or platform that is most useful to you. It should be possible to import/export your data from/to any other source where a user might want to use their information.

Easy to learn, hard to master


Open and Inclusive

Dendron is a tool for all users that are interested in creating, building, using, and sharing knowledge. Full stop.

Have it in writing

We don't just share what we learn in a chat at a moment in time. We make sure that the information remains accessible longer after we are gone.


You can't have something that is everything for everyone. There are tradeoffs we are making in Dendron.

Function over Form

  • in Dendron, it's more important for something to be useful than it is to be beautiful
  • the focus in Dendron should be about your content and the hierarchies that connect them

Focus on Hierarchies

  • while Dendron supports backlinks and other forms of organizing notes, Dendron's foundation is tooling to help you manage hierarchies

Focus on Speed

  • we can't predict the future but it's likely that no one will ever say that they wish their note taking experience to be slower
  • when thinking about features and tool chain, bias for speed

Retrieval over Insertion

  • all note taking tools focus on putting notes in but they struggle with helping users get notes back out, especially as users accumulate a lot of notes
  • Dendron takes the long view that you will read your notes far more than you write and optimize for getting notes back out